Lorenzo Demontis is an architect and designer based in Sardinia, Italy. Since graduating from Sapienza Uni- versity in Rome, he has been working as freelance designer for various design and architecture studios in Italy and in the Netherlands, as well as carrying on with his own projects with DMNTS.
Lorenzo’s aim is to research and develop a design approach where archetype forms are combined with pure functionality and contemporary issues.
Establishing new relations between advanced manufacturing and craftsmanship. Focused on a complete sustainability, where manufacturing scraps from wood, marble and plastic industries, regain a purpose through specific design investigations.


Ro Plastic Prize 2020 - 3rd Prize
Dutch Design Week 2020
Isola Design District 2020
Prossimo Futuro 2017


t: +39 371 359 5304
instagram: @dmnts_

photo © Maurizio Olla