Anthropological Design Research

Anthropological Design Research 00' is the first part of a multi-layered research, starting from the analysis of specific megalithic and ancestral structures and forms present in Europe (in this case Sardinia); reworked through a design process focused on the analysis of empty space as generative element of form. With the development of the first three objects: Void01 lamp, Void02 bench, Void03 multipurpose, a bridge is experimented between traditional craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing processes, the object becomes a testing ground for establishing new connections between these two constructive approaches. The design process therefore become the means to investigate, represent, reinterpret and connect these eternal forms in inclusive conceptual systems, aimed in the research of "forms that are”.


Miniature Design

Miniature aims to develop a research and process focus in the reuse of scraps from the wood, marble and plastic production industry. Establishing like that a specific research on sustainable materiality. Which inevitably influences and determines the compositional and productive process, dimension, functionality of each product. Morfema, Mao, Unknown e Nestep are the products part of this investigation, results of a process of experimentation and admixture of artisan methodology and advanced technologies.